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Monday, September 19, 2011

Martha Plimpton - Draped in sparkles. This is my favorite dress of the evening. This might be my favorite dress, ever! I love the train of the dress, the way is drapes and the color. This deep red is elegant. Everything about this dress is perfect. If I were a dress, this is the dress I would be. When she was on stage the light hit off the sparkles just so, that it gave me chills.
Pure Perfection. I wish I could've seen her shoes. I'll be thinking about this dress for a long time.
Grade = A+++

Emily Blunt - She wasn't nominated for anything and probably just came to support husband, John Krasinski, but she dressed for a win. The color is rich. The Sparkles are the right amount and the neckline is plunging in an elegant way.
Grade = A+

Kelly Osbourne - I'm not entirely sure why she was there. Not being nominated or dating anyone who's been nominated, but she showed up in style. This dress is simply beautiful. It fits her like a glove, showing off all her curves. This color is great. Again another rich and deep color. The style of the dress isn't usually my favorite, but it's gorgeous. The one strap on the shoulder and the one of the arm, makes a most elegant dress seem very modern.
Grade = A+

Evan Rachel Wood - The train says it all. Yes there are sparkles, but it's the train that makes this dress. It's dramatic and elegant. There is a very old Hollywood feel to it. Particularly in the shoulders. I wish she would've gone for some color with her pale skin. The black makes her look that much more paler, but I still love it. Especially with her dramatic short haircut.
Grade = A

Kate Winslet - She's becoming a legend and her style is one of the reasons. This dress is simple. Elegant. Sexy. Her hair is the same. Simple and elegant. Nothing flashy, but she doesn't need to be flashy when she's a winner!
Grade = A-

Claire Danes - She's always so put together. Lately, she's been wearing a similar kind of dress. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The color is different and I love the shine. She's always looks quite elegant and stylish. The color and shine make it quite modern as well. Her bare neckline is quite sexy, as well.
Grade = B+

Kaley Cuoco - It's all about the shoes. The dress itself is cute and flirty. The polka dots on the shoulder is very cute. It's a great length and the splash of color is really done right.
Grade = B+

Kerry Washington - I wish I could've found a better picture, but this is the best one. There are an abundant amount of sparkles and I really like the bottom of the dress as well. When she walked on stage it was very dramatic with it swishing between sparkles and see through. Very elegant.
Grade = B+

Nina Dobrev - Very sexy. Very modern. Very Red. The bottom of the dress adds a very modern element to this red carpet piece. It feels very dramatic. I'm not crazy about her hair, but she's a very beautiful girl with a gorgeous figure and this dress certainly shows it off.
Grade = B+

Jennifer Carpenter - I thought the only woman to pull off the two-toned hair color was, Lily Aldridge. But I was wrong. The length and the color suit her. The dress is very pretty, sheer, sparkly and sexy. The high leg shows off her incredible legs. She did a really great job with this dress. It's nice to see her gussied up.
Grade = B+

Connie Britton - I was hesitant to put this dress on the list but I love her so much that it made me like her dress. She has a great body and I wished she would've worn something to really show it off. There is some nice leg action, but the bottom is a little bit too messy for my taste. She was rubbed of the Emmy, and she should've showed up dressed as a winner. I don't want to be mean, but her dress says, "runner up" to me.
Grade = B-

Jayma Mays - I like this dress. But it should've been on someone who was very young, like a teenager. This dress would look so cute on Hailee Steinfeld. She should be dressing more her age instead of a confection.
Grade = C+

Gwyneth Paltrow - Worst dressed EVER! This was just an epic fail. Out of a night of mostly winners, she surely was a loser. I don't know what she was thinking with this dress. She is thin as a rail and this dress makes her look like she has stomach fat. The skirt is horrendous. The color awful. I really don't understand what she was thinking when she picked this. I don't like her (she thinks she's better than everyone), but I usually like her style. This one was way off. Epic Fail!!
Grade = F

On to the Men of the evening.

John Krasinski - There were no pictures of him alone. But I can add them to my best couple list. He's a handsome man and is wearing a handsome tux.
Grade = A

Michael Pitt and Jamie Bochert - Again, there were absolutely NO pictures of him alone, which is just sad because his girlfriend looks coked up. I also don't have cropping software, but if we can turn our attention to Michael Pitt, you can see he deserves to be on this list. The black on black is very dramatic. He's another good looking man. This suit was a great idea. It was well fitted and makes him seem as dark as he probably is. He would've looked much better with Evan Rachel Wood on his arm than this lady.
His Grade = A Her Grade = She gets no grade.

Ian Somerhalder - Oh Ian, be-still my heart. You're so pretty you get two photos. You would look good in burlap. The tux makes me weak in the knees. You're one handsome fool. With Nina Dobrev on your arm tonight you were another very good looking couple. It's too bad your show will never be nominated for anything at the Emmy's. But who needs Emmy's when you look like this???
Grade = A++

David Boreanaz - You're hair is too short on the side but the tux is working for me. One of my most favorite things about a tux on a man is the line of satin on the side of the slacks. It just makes me happy. That's why he's on the list.
Grade = A-

Adam Scott - I don't watch your show, but I might start to because of the way you look at that tux... and because 2 of the Followill's will be on soon. His hair is also quite nice. You look confident and cute. Well done, sir.
Grade = A-

LL Cool J - You are a hot man. You have muscles that go on for days and your smile could kill me. I don't watch your show either, but who cares. Go on with your bad self. You are one hot mother. I love the hankie in your lapel and the newsie hat. Very well done.
Grade = A

Peter Dinklage - I'm so happy you won an Emmy for your show. You are the best thing on it. I think you are a fantastic actor and so great in everything you do. One day you will get an Oscar. You suit is also fly. The hair is good, the messy look is always sexy. You are a sexy man. The end.
Grade = A

Jeremy Piven - We go way back, so it would be re-missed if I didn't include you on this list. You're looking quite good Mr. Piven. I don't watch Entourage and if I did, it would be because of your character. The hankie in the lapel adds a nice touch to the simple suit. It brings it to a higher level of fashion. It almost reminds me of something Tom Ford would wear. Well done, indeed.
Grade = A